To Our Liberal Friends..

We feel we should clarify something, for the sake of making the sides in this ongoing social war a little more defined. Although we have never tried to hide, per se, our position on the liberals among us and their goals and ambitions, maybe we weren’t clear enough.

We received the following two comments on our page recently:

“I’m a senior citizen. I’d like to work w/you on reforming/changing some of our corrupt government institutions in a legal, if creative, manner so I don’t end up facing jail time. I’ve linked your blog to mine @ It’s just as well you don’t want my $–I don’t have any. :)

“I’m pretty above board about my own activities as I don’t ‘break’ the law–bend it only slightly sometimes. But it’s difficult enough staying out of jail even abiding by the law because the system is so endemically corrupt and its apparatchiks so willing to lie. I’m hoping to find common cause to change this and reclaim our country. My goat is to sensitize others to the need to never go to a government institution or communicate with an official ALONE–or let/make others do so. I’m also convinced it’s a mistake to let officials ever separate you under any circumstances. I’ve just survived the consequences of not abiding by this advice and written about it on I’m available to those who wish to take advantage of my expertise, age (senior citizen), and experiences.”


We, the editors of (A) Wild Harbor, first and foremost are students of history. When we say this, we mean not just that we read Zinn and hate some things about America. We mean that we learn from history.
One thing that we have learned from history, that the liberals seem to forget until they gain power, is that the left, those who seek to manage the lumpen, will NEVER be our friends. They are, in fact, our dearest enemy.

  • Our hatred for fascists pales in comparison with our hatred for those who seek to dialogue with, convince, win over, or compromise with the fascists.
  • Our hatred for the state pales in comparison with our hatred for those who wish to take on the power of the state, for we know that whatever their platforms are, their platforms are raised on the backs of the oppressed and exploited, who will continue to be oppressed and exploited no matter the master.
  • Our hatred for the law pales in comparison with our hatred for those who recognize its illegitimacy and still fetishize it.
  • Our hatred for this country (indeed for the very concept of country) pales in comparison with our hatred for those who wish to “reclaim” it.

If you want to play the Bolsheviks, we will be the anarchists; this time however, we have more numbers and more guns.
This time around, we know that wanting to change the power structure is not enough to recognize affinity.
This time around, we will not sit idly by and watch you scream about corruption while your own social position is defined by the suffering of others beneath you.
This time around, we know who our enemies are.

And we will fight.

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2 Responses to To Our Liberal Friends..

  1. Amicus Curia says:

    As a young man, I was introduced to a number of Trotskyites. It was a valuable learning experience. They were quite intolerant and bent on control. What I recall was their calculating use of sleep deprivation as a tool. But having worked in the construction trades made me unsuitable for such tactics. While I am always tempted to trade in language expressing rage at the injustices I see routinely, I try to discipline myself by not utilizing labels or sentiments like ‘hatred’. Inclusive strategies will be more productive than exclusive ones. My strongest lasting impression of the Trotskyites I met arose from the old story about testing a person’s character by giving them absolute power for 15 minutes. The Trots easily failed such a litmus test. And when I hear untempered rhetoric about guns, violence, and ‘hatred’, I know that a speeding car is dangerous for more reasons than who’s behind the wheel. Change–yes! But a true change involves actual choices, not just a changing of the guard. The rhetoric here is intended to frighten rather than persuade. I’m neither. And you don’t know me well enough to jacket me with ‘liberal’ or any other label, really. I’ve accomplished more single handedly than a boatload of Trotskyites OR hate mongers. Bigotry knows more forms than simply racism or sexism or fascism. For the harbingers of an anti-hierarchy oriented paradigm, it’s a strange harvest of words you’re promoting. Obviously I don’t know YOU either. But if I were sitting across a table from you, I might ask when was the last time YOU got anyone sprung from a jail who couldn’t afford an attorney, or enabled a parent to reunite with their child, or put an impoverished worker beyond the reach of predatory lenders, or defended a handicapped mother from the monsters that inhabit Thurston’s FJC, or even put your @ss on the line to defend principles as fundamental as free speech, busking, reporting and photographing events? It’s been said ‘liberals’ are those who ‘like’ people in general, just not in the particular. So who do YOU like?

    There’s a woman I admire (Mary Hath Spokane) who bills herself as a prophetess of peace. Another is Billy Frank, a NW Indian who forgave his enemies after being arrested over 50 times, often being subjected to rough treatment. Today, at 80yo, he is possibly the best known and respected Indian in the NW. I’d love to interview him and find out how he found it in his heart to reconcile with those who abused him and oppressed his people. I’d like to know how Mary can genuinely say she’s never met someone she couldn’t love. These are goals I aspire to but cannot manage to attain. Still, they capture my vision far more than rhetoric serving ‘hatred’ as its basis. That’s the language of the inept and the defeated. Frightening one’s audience is a fool’s bargain.

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