About (A) Wild Harbor

(A) Wild Harbor exists as a clearinghouse for radical antiauthoritarian and anticapitalist texts, with a focus on news and events happening in Cascadia, and the area around Grays Harbor in particular.
In our capacities as editors of this site, we are looking for comrades to give us something to write about. We do not want to know who you are, for the safety of all parties involved. Going to war against the state and capital alone is suicide. Cells built on affinity and trust can accomplish much more than lone wolves. Find each other, organize, and strike!

We recommend that you educate yourself on good digital security practices and learn to anonymize yourself as much as possible when using digital means of communication.  Putting good digital security into a daily practice will help to keep you and your friends safe.




In loving solidarity, and with all due rage,
(A) Wild Harbor

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