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Fuck the Police March in Olympia, Saturday 5-12, for Bradden Ferber

Via Assbook: “Olympia FUCK THE POLICE march this Saturday, May 12, 9 PM at 4th and Columbia in light of the recent police shooting of Bradden Ferber” Bradden who? Bradden Ferber was a 53 year-old “unemployed attorney” who was shot … Continue reading

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Seattle Wells Fargo Attacked in Solidarity with Pax

Last night a Wells Fargo bank had multiple windows smashed out. A circle “A” was painted on the building. This was done in solidarity with Pax and all those facing the recent repression in Portland. Fire to the prisons. Via … Continue reading

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Portland House Raided, Comrade Arrested

His next court date will be Monday May 14th at 9am in the Portland Justice Center. Further updates, public announcement listserv, resources, calender and a direct donations jar to follow shortly. We have tshirts for preorder. Pax has been bailed out. … Continue reading

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May Day

Overheard on a Skype call with lovers in Oakland: “Yeah, May Day was cool. I would have liked a few more people to show up. I think Seattle won though.” Good job Cascadians. Oakland, we’re hella proud of you. Same … Continue reading

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To Our Liberal Friends..

We feel we should clarify something, for the sake of making the sides in this ongoing social war a little more defined. Although we have never tried to hide, per se, our position on the liberals among us and their … Continue reading

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Judges Right to be Scared, Add Security Measures to Courthouse

Pig judges from the superior (sic) court issued a supplemental order for security on Tuesday, mandating that weapons screeners and electronic screening take place at the county courthouse in Montesano and the juvenile court at Junction City. The screeners and … Continue reading

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Coffee Stands Burglarized By Brave Rebels

Dirty pigs from around our wild harbor say unknown burglars have broken in or attempted to break into several local coffee stands in the past month, smashing windows and making off with small amounts of money. Aberdeen Detective Sgt. Art … Continue reading

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