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Flyer for the Cascadian Anarchist Olympics!

  The PDF version, which is a half-sheet (yay for saving paper!) and also prints in grayscale (yay for being broke as shit!) is available here:

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Announcing the Cascadian Anarchist Olympics!

We found this on Grey Coast Anarchists, who found it on Puget Sound Anarchists. Word is getting around Cascadia!Their site is   A weekend of Anarchy in Olympia, April 20, 21, & 22! We’re excited to announce three days … Continue reading

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Write A Letter to an Imprisoned Comrade!

The story of Eric Desouza is one we’ve been following closely since hearing about his situation from some San Francisco comrades. Eric is an anarchist from Oakland. He has been active in the Oakland Commune, and has organized and acted … Continue reading

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Callout for Anti-Capitalist March, May Day Seattle!

From May 1, 12 noon, Westlake Plaza Anti-Capitalist March Dont’t Go to Work Ditch School TAKE THE STREETS! The same processes are at work everywhere. In our homes, at school, and at work, our lives are taken from us. … Continue reading

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Statement from Eric ‘The Nazi Slayer’ Desouza on his current situation

[ Editor’s note: Eric is an anarchist from Oakland who was arrested at an Antifa action in Sacramento: His friends and family bonded him out on a payment plan. They still need almost $6000 to cover payments: Solidarity … Continue reading

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(A) Graffiti From Around Olympia

The Olympia Anarchist General Assembly was yesterday (Saturday the 17th). None of the editors of this blog were able to make it, and we have yet to hear a report-back. However, we were fortunate enough to get some pictures of … Continue reading

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ALF Claims Raid on Oregon Pheasant Breeder

From “Last night, the night of March 14th, we infiltrated the property of Queener Ridge Pheasant Company (40485 Queener Drive, Scio, OR) which breeds ringneck pheasants primarily to be murdered in commercial canned hunts. After jumping a barbed wire … Continue reading

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