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Fuck the Police March in Olympia, Saturday 5-12, for Bradden Ferber

Via Assbook: “Olympia FUCK THE POLICE march this Saturday, May 12, 9 PM at 4th and Columbia in light of the recent police shooting of Bradden Ferber” Bradden who? Bradden Ferber was a 53 year-old “unemployed attorney” who was shot … Continue reading

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Judges Right to be Scared, Add Security Measures to Courthouse

Pig judges from the superior (sic) court issued a supplemental order for security on Tuesday, mandating that weapons screeners and electronic screening take place at the county courthouse in Montesano and the juvenile court at Junction City. The screeners and … Continue reading

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Coffee Stands Burglarized By Brave Rebels

Dirty pigs from around our wild harbor say unknown burglars have broken in or attempted to break into several local coffee stands in the past month, smashing windows and making off with small amounts of money. Aberdeen Detective Sgt. Art … Continue reading

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(A) Graffiti From Around Olympia

The Olympia Anarchist General Assembly was yesterday (Saturday the 17th). None of the editors of this blog were able to make it, and we have yet to hear a report-back. However, we were fortunate enough to get some pictures of … Continue reading

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Mad Rebel From Hoquiam Sentenced to 7 1/2 Years

Geoffrey L. Butterfield, a 23-year-old Hoquiam man displaying some of the symptoms of the schizophrenic society in which we have been forced to live, has been sentenced to 7 1/2 years in the cages of the state on two counts … Continue reading

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Home burned down in Aberdeen

A home on the 1700 block of W. 1st street in Aberdeen went up in flames this evening around 9pm. The electricity for the home had recently been shut off as punishment for the tenant being poor. The woman living … Continue reading

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