Cop shoots police officer, returns to scene and kills self – Massachusetts

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BEVERLY, Mass. — An off-duty police sergeant shot a police officer from a nearby town in Northeastern Massachusetts Friday night, then returned to the scene and killed himself as authorities closed in, the local district attorney said.

Authorities responded to a Starbucks in Beverly after a 911 call at about 5:45 p.m. ET Friday and found Beverly police Officer Jason Lantych shot multiple times, Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said. Lantych is in serious condition and undergoing surgery, he said.

Off-duty Hamilton police Sgt. Ken Nagy shot Lantych and fled, the district attorney’s office said. A warrant was issued for Nagy’s arrest on a charge of assault with intent to murder, and authorities said he was believed to be armed and dangerous.

The 43-year-old Nagy returned to the Starbucks at about 10:30 p.m. ET, and police there began to cordon off the scene. Nagy fatally shot himself in his car as officers approached him, Blodgett said.

“He has taken his life,” Blodgett told “It is a tragic day.”

Nagy and Lantych knew each other but the motive for the shooting is unclear, the district attorney’s office said. Beverly and Hamilton are towns about 5 miles apart in northeastern Massachusetts. reported that the investigation was ongoing and that dozens of police officers and emergency medical personnel were gathered at the roped-off Starbucks parking lot Saturday morning.

Nagy was promoted to sergeant last summer after 19 years of service, according to a July 3 story from the Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle. His wife, Katie, smiled as she pinned a badge on Nagy’s uniform, and their two young sons clapped, the newspaper reported.

When asked his feelings about the promotion, Nagy told the newspaper, “It feels great. I worked hard over the 19 years to get here.”

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Washington State Trooper Gloriously Shot Down

UPDATE: Five people have now been kidnapped by pigs for allegedly trying to help Josh Blake escape cages.
*see bottom of article for updates*

Shortly before 1am Thursday the 23rd, officer Tony “Snitch Pig Who Should Have Died Earlier” Radulescu, was shot and killed while making a traffic stop on State Route 16 in Gorst, in Kitsap County.

The alleged shooter, one Josh Blake from Port Orchard, had been known to the court repression system for years. Blake, 28, was sentenced in January 2007 to two-and-a-half years in a cage for 4th degree assault, malicious mischief, drug possession and violation of a protection order. He was released in March of 2010. He had also spent time for kicking out the window of a pig car, according to corporate propaganda.

At approximately 9am Thursday morning, as a SWAT team moved in on a home near Port Orchard where Josh was hiding out, he retained his dignity by refusing to put control over his own life into the hands of the police and the prison system, and committed suicide.

According to the Department of Repressions, Josh was a “difficult case”, having threatened to take bloody vengeance on a pig in the past, during a stint in Walla Walla state prison. Fuckers should learn to expect us.

Radulescu’s death was the first of a trooper on duty in 13 years, although Washington state has seen vengeance visited on several uniformed thugs in recent years, including four officers from Lakewood who were shot to death by a gunman at a coffee shop in 2009.

Although Josh’s actions are ample cause for celebration, we must keep in mind that he was no anarchist. The assault he spent time in prison for was an assault on his romantic partner, with whom he recently had a child. Violence against women is an inherent effect of the authoritarianism, patriarchy, and egotism which are used to justify the oppressive structures of capital, all of which are exacerbated to an extreme degree in the prison-industrial complex, leading one to believe that the violence he brought on his partner was learned behavior acted out. While this is no excuse for Josh’s actions, it is an additional reason to unleash our rage upon the system that caused it, and another reminder that we, as anarchists, being the enemies of all fucking authority, have a lot more work to do on the social front.

It now appears that an 18 year old woman was in the truck with Josh when he pumped sweet lead into Radulescu. We do not know who she is, but can confirm she has been kidnapped by the pigs.
A 30 year old man, 26 year old woman, and 37 year old man were also taken into custody. They are all from the South Kitsap area. According to a propaganda release from Kitsap Piggy Patrol, they are charged with rendering solidarity to a comrade and expected to be arraigned on Monday at Kitsap county superior court.

After ditching his truck at the end of a dirt road, Josh called his girlfriend, 32 year old Jessi Foster, for help. According to corporate media they met at the home where Josh later died, and he told her about shooting the pig. Even after he had told her, she allegedly continued trying to help “She was actively trying to find a way for him to get out of the area,” according to the pigs. She was in the home with Josh when he took his own life.

Jessi and Josh had disputed custody of their now 3 year old daughter in court, and her father told media that their relationship had taken a heavy emotional toll on her.

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Mad Rebel From Hoquiam Sentenced to 7 1/2 Years

Geoffrey L. Butterfield, a 23-year-old Hoquiam man displaying some of the symptoms of the schizophrenic society in which we have been forced to live, has been sentenced to 7 1/2 years in the cages of the state on two counts of robbery. It was the maximum legal sentence for his rebellion.

Geoffrey had actualized revolt by expropriating from a South Aberdeen 7 fucking 11, and a Sterling Savings Bank in Oakville just hours later back on November 4, both times using a knife to remind any workers thinking about collaborating with the oppressors of the silliness of that plan.

“He’s made it pretty clear that he does not respect law enforcement,” deputy prosecutor Katie Svoboda said. “He does not respect having to follow the rules.”

“These were very serious offenses,” the pig judge Mark McCauley said. “Sometimes it takes years for (victims) to get over the mental shock and the trauma.” Presumably the swine went on to explain that the victims he spoke of were secretly living out their wildest dreams in handing over their bosses’ money, though any statement of that nature was left off the record.
The doctors, slaves of the pharmaceutical industry bound with chains of debt and colonized minds, had previously identified comrade Butterfield as a potential revolutionary and poisoned him with mind-numbing substances, which he thankfully had the good thought to discontinue taking.

Geoffrey pleaded guilty to robbery as part of a plea deal to drop an additional deadly weapons enhancement that would have added two years to his sentence. Despite the deal, our beloved rebel’s lawyer has said that Geoffrey often refused to cooperate with the investigation, showing himself to be an enemy of all fucking authority, and worthy of the solidarity of all anarchists, from Greater Cascadia to the Oakland Commune to the streets of Athens.

Comrade Butterfield has said that providing for his children was the primary motivation for his rebellion.

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Home burned down in Aberdeen

A home on the 1700 block of W. 1st street in Aberdeen went up in flames this evening around 9pm.
The electricity for the home had recently been shut off as punishment for the tenant being poor. The woman living there had apparently been using candles for light.

Two dogs and a cat died in the fire, though no humans were home at the time.

The Grays Harbor County Assessor’s office listed the home’s owners as Robert and Lucille Sornberger of Hoquiam.

The Sornbergers, by demanding proof of wage slavery in return for a home and refusing to use the ill-gotten wealth they’ve stolen from this and other tenants to provide for their community’s needs, are to be held just as responsible for this lost home as the violent system of capitalism which inevitably robs people daily of access to many essentials to life, particularly including but not nearly limited to heat, light, shelter and safety.

(A) Wild Harbor extends our solidarity to this woman, our latest comrade in the war of oppressor v. oppressed.

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Communique From a Quiet Rain

This harbor is a wild one. The Chehalis peoples knew this for thousands of years before a boat full of white men sailed into it, and breathed Grays Harbor into existence. It continued to be wild, even after the native peoples had been all but exterminated by even more white men, come across the mountains for timber and furs — the trees of our land, and the skins of our murdered nonhuman friends. Sam Benn thought he could tame this harbor. So have others. All of them failed. The rains will fall, and the rivers will rise into the most well-placed homes, like they always have. The clouds will fill the sky with grey, and hearts not hard enough with sorrow — they’ll do our job for us and go out with their own personal bang.

This harbor is a wild one.
We’ve been taking note of this.

Americans have finally realized there are more homes without people than people without homes; goodbye timber industry. Good riddance. Still, companies like Weyerhaeuser buy up or steal, though in reality those are the same, the land we once roamed on, and rip it apart.

Have you ever seen a clearcut made of your own back yard?
Have you ever seen a river disappear?

Weyerhaeuser needs to learn, that this harbor is a wild one; not because of the terror they have unleashed upon us, but because of the rage we will visit in return. When the logging jobs dried up, the proles formerly enslaved by the industry were released. We say released, but they were not made free. Now they are slaves to methamphetamine, to heroin, to alcohol and domestic abuses and prisons and their own sense of failure at not being able to provide in this mad fucking world. They know firsthand, this harbor is a wild one.

Those of us who were raised here know these things. Those of us who call it home have seen our home and our homes torn apart from the inside out.

We know the machine upon which to lay blame. We blame industry. We blame capitalism. We blame the government, all levels of it, for treating our wild little corner of Cascadia like their own personal commodity, to be auctioned to the highest bidder or the one with the best bribes. We blame the drug dealers, for poisoning our families and friends and making them unable and unwilling to defend themselves and their home by our side. We blame the police, who work in lock step with each cog mentioned above, who kidnap our loved ones and keep them in cages, sometimes for years, for the simple crime of proving what we already know: that this harbor is a wild one.

This harbor has always been wild. But the wildness has changed. It once was uncontrollable, from the people who lived here to the trees which grew majestically from the fertile ground, to the animals in the forests which have been hunted to extinction, but would at one point have eaten your face without a second thought, to the floods which force us to retreat to higher ground and hope for the best. Now, the wildness we feel is based in fear and suffering. It is the wildness of a cat with a boot on her throat, knowing that if she doesn’t shred that ankle just a little more, she’s done. Many of us have no food, and for that we are wild. Many of us have no homes, and for that we are wild. Many of us have lost our loved ones to the prisons and the jails that dot our still-barely-beautiful landscape, and for that we are wild. Many of us cannot sleep tonight, whether it be because we’re worried about keeping the lights on or getting our next hit, but the reason matters little; alienation is still the cause, capital the root, and for that, we are wild.

Soon, you will see our wildness in action. We have had enough. We will not allow our home nor our hoomes to be destroyed by industry any longer. We will cast off our fear of the police, and we will run them from our communities. We will end the flow of life-stealing drugs into our communities, by loving rehabilitation or fiery vengeance, whichever seems a more useful tool at the time.

We will remind the state and capital that this is a wild harbor. And it is ours. It can be yours, too.

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