We Are Everywhere

The forces of social control are not nearly as strong as they believe themselves to be, and the forces which seek to destroy them are much stronger than many could imagine.
Some places where our comrades hang out online:

^^ A place for general information on antiauthoritarian & anticapitalist activities and thought in the Puget Sound and beyond.

^^ Autonomy//253 is an anarchist  magazine for theory and practice, news and commentary, written from the Tacoma, WA area for a regional audience.

^^ Black Spring Press, an amazing literature & propaganda distro based somewhere secret. Many pdfs available for download, formatted both for reading and folding.

^^ Free Radio Olympia is an unlicensed, direct action micropower radio station broadcasting at 100 watts on 98.5 FM in Olympia, Washington, Cascadia and streaming live online.

^^ The Left Bank Books Collective is a collectively owned and operated, community-based, not-for-profit project founded in 1973 in Seattle, WA. Check them out! (or don’t, it’s your autonomy and you can do what you want with it.)

^^ Lunaria Press, based in Tacoma, aims to provide the histories of women with stories that have inspired us throughout our experiences in obtaining our own individual freedom.

^^ The Olympia Solidarity Network works with people who have been cheated or mistreated in their jobs or housing to make a set of demands that would resolve the problem, present these demands to bosses or landlords, and, if this fails to resolve the offense; to organize a campaign to win a fair resolution.

^^ Another great resource for pdfs of pamphlets and other lit, formatted for both reading and folding. We highly recommend printing out some of the propaganda and handing it out at your local high school during the lunch hour.

^^ Seattle Solidarity (“SeaSol”) is a volunteer network of working people who believe in standing up for our rights. SeaSols goal is to support our fellow workers’ strikes and struggles, build solidarity, and organize to deal with specific job, housing, and other problems caused by the greed of the rich and powerful.

^^ The Wildcat is an anti-authoritarian space in the Central District of Seattle that functions as a center for ideas and discussion, cultural expression, and sharing. More specifically, the Wildcat offers a radical lending library, film screenings, reading groups, presentations, debates, meeting space, and much more.

^^ Tides of Flame is a biweekly periodical which is part of an ongoing project of anarchist analysis and practice within the Puget Sound area.  Every two weeks, ToF distributes thousands of paper copies throughout Seattle.  And on this website, they post the PDFs for friends around the world.

^^ The Destructive Urge is a blog chronicling attacks against the social order taking place on the east coast, with an emphasis on the mid-atlantic region.

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