Fuck the Police March in Olympia, Saturday 5-12, for Bradden Ferber

Via Assbook:
“Olympia FUCK THE POLICE march this Saturday, May 12, 9 PM at 4th and Columbia in light of the recent police shooting of Bradden Ferber”

Bradden who?

Bradden Ferber was a 53 year-old “unemployed attorney” who was shot and killed by Olympia pig Mike Hovda at about 5:45 pm, Friday the 4th. B worked as a bank examiner for the State’s office of Financial Institutions, from at least 1995 through at least 2009. He was unemployed, perhaps. He’d had a law degree from 1986. But to describe him as an unemployed attorney begs the question of why, in a state worker town like olympia, he was not described as a recently laid off state worker. Now we hear he was being served foreclosure papers on a downsized duplex condo which was worth maybe $750 / month (According to craigslist ads).

The account of the events leading up to and including his murder are confusing, to say the least. We know we can’t trust the pigs, and we know we can’t trust the media to report on the pigs; so we’re going to present several of the accounts of what happened next, accept that none of them are true, and see where that leads us.

The story begins with Bradden being served foreclosure papers earlier in the afternoon on Friday. Skip to 5pm, to the Creekwood Apartments, off Boulevard Rd SE, on Eastside Olympia. He allegedly was driving through the parking lot when his car struck another vehicle. He got out of the car, entered an apartment briefly, and then left on foot. Olympia pig Mike Hovda, who has spent at least the last quarter century separating the working class from the wealth they created, responded to the scene. A snitch pedestrian who had seen Bradden leave the car pointed Hovda in the direction he went, and Hovda followed.

According to one account, Hovda was following Ferber, who had walked away from the accident on foot. A second pig, Kory Pearce, also responded and stopped at 12th Avenue SE, near Boulevard Road, where he claimed to have seen a subject matching the driver’s description. The subject was walking through a grassy, open area. “The subject appeared to have a firearm in his hand at this time,” said the OPD press release about the murder. The subject walked away from Pearce, and toward the direction Hovda was approaching. The release does not state whether Hovda was on foot or in a car.

“Officer Pearce yelled to Officer Hovda the subject had a firearm and a short time later Officer Hovda encountered the subject,” the release states. “The subject raised the handgun, presenting a threat to Officer Hovda who discharged his duty firearm. The subject fell to the ground and was found deceased.” According to the press release, a gun was found at the scene, and Hovda only fired one shot.

How then, was Bradden Ferber shot twice, once in the head and once in the stomach?

Another account, found on KMAS news radio online, claims that both officers fired a shot “almost simultaneously”, and that Bradden Ferber never shot his gun.

Another, newer story being spewed by The Olympian is that although Hovda shot B once in the abdomen, B’s cause of death is a suicide: after seeing Hovda, Bradden lifted the gun to shoot, was shot in the stomach, then shot himself in the head. The same words are appearing in this account, “almost simultaneously”.

Our team already knows the pigs are hella shitty. And I don’t mean to say that if this had happened any other way it may have been justified or acceptable in the slightest. But I would like to point out that if you see somebody with a gun to their head, you don’t proceed by shooting them in the stomach, and say later that you felt you were in danger.

Thurston County’s officer-involved shooting team, made up of pigs throughout Thurston County, is investigating what happened. Tumwater Lt. Jay Mason and Detective Chuck Liska are supervising the investigation.

On Monday morning, Tumwater pig Jen Kolb said that OPD would be the sole agency to release public information about the shooting or the investigation.

Hovda the pig was interviewed about it today, Tuesday the 9th, more than a week after the shooting took place. We’ll see in the coming days what kinds of excuses and lies he spits, and we’ll report on it.

Personally, I think the pig shot Bradden because he wanted to murder somebody, and when he saw the gun he knew he had an excuse. I’ll be at the Fuck the Police March on Saturday. And when I’m there, I’ll be thinking about the fact that if Bradden Ferber hadn’t been served with foreclosure documents earlier in the day, he might not have been drinking that night. And maybe the pigs never would’ve had a chance to murder him.

Fuck the cops.
We don’t need em.
All we want
Is total freedom.

Fuck the cops.
Fuck foreclosures.
Feel our rage
Boil over.



(the information in this article comes from a variety of sources, including the OPD press release, several commercial news outlets, as well as some digging done by trusted comrades)

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Seattle Wells Fargo Attacked in Solidarity with Pax

Last night a Wells Fargo bank had multiple windows smashed out. A circle “A” was painted on the building. This was done in solidarity with Pax and all those facing the recent repression in Portland. Fire to the prisons.

Via PS@

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Portland House Raided, Comrade Arrested


His next court date will be Monday May 14th at 9am in the Portland Justice Center. Further updates, public announcement listserv, resources, calender and a direct donations jar to follow shortly. We have tshirts for preorder.

Pax has been bailed out. Stay tuned, we’ll update as often as we can.
All but 8 charges have been dropped.

Updates: https://www.facebook.com/FreePaxana

On the morning of May 3rd, a squatted house in Portland was raided by the Portland Police Department, and one household member was arrested on conspiracy and criminal mischief charges. According to pigs, this raid followed a two-year investigation into attacks on banks and other institutions in the Portland area; the investigation into co-conspirators is still underway.

“[The PPB] broke down our door and stormed our house, detained and interrogated us, and tore our house apart under writ of a warrant. This warrant was issued to collect evidence to indict my roommate Pax for 72 FELONY CHARGES of property destruction and criminal mischief, as well as determine other members of his/our immediate community who could also face prosecution for these charges. They took our phones and computers. They threatened and intimidated us. They destroyed our home. They ignored one person’s medical condition that was aggravated by the stress of detainment. They made me sit in cuffs with nothing but my underwear on. They denied our demands to speak with legal counsel. Worst of all, they took our friend and are actively trying to pin an incomprehensible amount of charges on him.”

Pax had his first day in court Friday May 4th at 2pm, he was assigned a public defendant and the judge claimed there was probable cause for the 72 felony charges (despite the fact that 64 were dropped later that night).

The preposterousness of these charges (64 were dropped within a couple days), is clearly intended to terrorize and silence radical communities throughout the pacific northwest. But we’re going to show them how strong our solidarity is.

As one commenter on PS@ said, “watch each others backs friends.”

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May Day

Overheard on a Skype call with lovers in Oakland:
“Yeah, May Day was cool. I would have liked a few more people to show up. I think Seattle won though.”

Good job Cascadians.
Oakland, we’re hella proud of you.
Same to San Francisco,
& LA
& Vancouver
& Pdx
& Houston (solidarity with the cat who got his face smashed into the pavement by a pig there, i know it hurts)
and every-fuckin-where else that the most precarious and vulnerable among us learn, together, to self-organize and blockade the hell out of capital.

Fuck giving 8 hours to the bosses,
we want them all for ourselves & each other!
For a permanent general strike!
For anarchy!
Death to the bosses!

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To Our Liberal Friends..

We feel we should clarify something, for the sake of making the sides in this ongoing social war a little more defined. Although we have never tried to hide, per se, our position on the liberals among us and their goals and ambitions, maybe we weren’t clear enough.

We received the following two comments on our page recently:

“I’m a senior citizen. I’d like to work w/you on reforming/changing some of our corrupt government institutions in a legal, if creative, manner so I don’t end up facing jail time. I’ve linked your blog to mine @ http://amicuscuria.com/wordpress It’s just as well you don’t want my $–I don’t have any. :)

“I’m pretty above board about my own activities as I don’t ‘break’ the law–bend it only slightly sometimes. But it’s difficult enough staying out of jail even abiding by the law because the system is so endemically corrupt and its apparatchiks so willing to lie. I’m hoping to find common cause to change this and reclaim our country. My goat is to sensitize others to the need to never go to a government institution or communicate with an official ALONE–or let/make others do so. I’m also convinced it’s a mistake to let officials ever separate you under any circumstances. I’ve just survived the consequences of not abiding by this advice and written about it on http://amicuscuria.com/wordpress. I’m available to those who wish to take advantage of my expertise, age (senior citizen), and experiences.”


We, the editors of (A) Wild Harbor, first and foremost are students of history. When we say this, we mean not just that we read Zinn and hate some things about America. We mean that we learn from history.
One thing that we have learned from history, that the liberals seem to forget until they gain power, is that the left, those who seek to manage the lumpen, will NEVER be our friends. They are, in fact, our dearest enemy.

  • Our hatred for fascists pales in comparison with our hatred for those who seek to dialogue with, convince, win over, or compromise with the fascists.
  • Our hatred for the state pales in comparison with our hatred for those who wish to take on the power of the state, for we know that whatever their platforms are, their platforms are raised on the backs of the oppressed and exploited, who will continue to be oppressed and exploited no matter the master.
  • Our hatred for the law pales in comparison with our hatred for those who recognize its illegitimacy and still fetishize it.
  • Our hatred for this country (indeed for the very concept of country) pales in comparison with our hatred for those who wish to “reclaim” it.

If you want to play the Bolsheviks, we will be the anarchists; this time however, we have more numbers and more guns.
This time around, we know that wanting to change the power structure is not enough to recognize affinity.
This time around, we will not sit idly by and watch you scream about corruption while your own social position is defined by the suffering of others beneath you.
This time around, we know who our enemies are.

And we will fight.

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Judges Right to be Scared, Add Security Measures to Courthouse

Pig judges from the superior (sic) court issued a supplemental order for security on Tuesday, mandating that weapons screeners and electronic screening take place at the county courthouse in Montesano and the juvenile court at Junction City.

The screeners and metal detectors were set up early Tuesday morning at both locations, but pig judge Dave Edwards said the order is necessary to ensure that the weapons screening becomes a permanent fixture. That is to say, so that when austerity forces children from school and disallows the masses from their food, pig judge Dave Edwards will still be safe in his robe.

Slipped into the text of the order is a new policy which makes firearms illegal throughout the courthouse. Previously, the pigs allowed us to  carry our firearms on the first floor. Edwards said those with a concealed weapons permit will be able to store their weapon at the Sheriff’s Office.

The order also provides a big-ass list of prohibited items and items that you can bring into a court room.

The obvious items they would expect us to use in attacks are banned — handcuff keys, box cutters, meat cleavers, scissors, swords, ammunition, flare guns, spear guns, starter pistols, axes, crowbars and hammers, for example. Sorry, can’t use your spear gun for pig hunting, unless you’re willing to break the law, that is! But the list also includes gun-shaped lighters, cattle prods, toy guns, screwdrivers, chemical drain cleaners, spray paint, hopes and dreams of a brighter tomorrow, golf clubs and skateboards, among the dozens of other items.

So what is allowed? Cigar cutters, common eating utensils — with round-bladed butter-type knives the only kind allowed — crochet needles with hooked tips, nail clippers, eyeglass repair tools, glass bottles containing permitted liquids, safety razors, tools — except screw drivers — that are 7 inches or less in length, hair chopsticks with blunt tips, wrenches and pliers under 7 inches in length, eyelash curlers and tweezers, among others.

Aerosols are also banned except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities. Chains greater than seven inches in length are also banned unless they are wallet chains.

“Security is not a luxury when it comes to me and my fellow oppressors,” Edwards has continued to affirm.

On March 9, Steven Daniel Kravetz stabbed Deputy Polly Davin, then stabbed Edwards and took Davin’s gun and shot her. Kravetz is currently in jail on $750,000 bail. Unfortunately, both Davin and Edwards are recovering, but the incident highlighted the fact that it’s much easier to attack than the system wants you to know.

“Without adequate weapons screening equipment operated by trained security personnel, persons are able to freely enter the courthouse with weapons and to launch attacks upon anyone present in the building,” the judges’ order of security states. “Within the past week, seven citizens have refused to report for jury duty due to concerns for safety resulting from lack of adequate security, including weapons screening.”

The order states that there have also been two security breaches since March 9.

There was an incident on March 16 when an attorney saw a man with a very large knife on the seat of his car and he was also spotted in the courthouse. Edwards said the man had a dependency proceeding and was confronted by an attorney and told to leave the courthouse, which he did. Deputies are now investigating the incident. Apparently if you keep a very large knife in your car, that’s cause for investigation.

Another incident happened Monday when a verbal domestic dispute spilled from a court room to outside the courthouse. Deputies made the decision to get involved there, as well.

“The courthouse is not presently a safe place for employees to work or for members of the public to enter,” the court order states. “It is vital that citizens feel safe and secure in seeking access to their courts. The lack of safety and security in accessing and using the courthouse is a continuing emergency which the court must respond to in accordance with the court’s inherent power and in light of the commissioners’ continuing failure to act.”

The judges are right to be scared; we will continue to attack, and they know that. They are recognizing that even in the innermost sanctums of their power, their courts, we have the skills and determination to lash out, to strike and to retreat. They have an idea now of what we are capable of. Even as they actively seek to manage and negate the effects of our rage, we continue to make them tremble, every time that we shatter the facade of normalcy they work so hard to maintain.

On Tuesday, County Commissioner Terry Willis signed a contract with Pierce County Security to rent a metal detector and provide contracted weapons screeners.

Without the private security firm, Undersheriff Rick Scott said the judge’s order would have required deputies to perform the screening duties. “And it’s always better to have a rent-a-pig grope your crotch than for one of my men to do it,” He went on to say.

The contract states that the county will pay $17.91 per hour for the guards and $26.86 per hour for overtime. The county will also pay $150 per month for a walk-through metal detector and $40 per month for a wand.

Scott said it all could cost the county between $33,000 and $36,000 for the duration for the 90-day contract.

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Coffee Stands Burglarized By Brave Rebels

Dirty pigs from around our wild harbor say unknown burglars have broken in or attempted to break into several local coffee stands in the past month, smashing windows and making off with small amounts of money.
Aberdeen Detective Sgt. Art Laur reported officers responded at 5 a.m. Wednesday to the Spill the Beans Espresso stand along Wishkah Street to find a window broken out. Some cash had been taken but the pigs aren’t saying how much. Of course, it wasn’t enough to make up for the desolate existence we’ve been forced into, begging bosses to exploit us for more hours, stealing what they stole from us in the night and doing our best not to be tired in the morning. Power had been cut to the building.
Laur said shit-eating piggies also responded at about 2 a.m. Tuesday to the Coffeeman stand along Heron Street to find a window broken out. The break-in set off an alarm and surveillance video captured images of two people running from the location. Hopefully next time, those brave enough to strike against these easy targets cut the power before they go in.
The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office reported two similar break-ins at coffee stands in the Elma area in recent weeks. Hoquiam police reported a break-in on March 21 at a stand along Simpson Avenue. Laur said the Aberdeen department is also investigating two other broken windows at Harbor Coffee on Oak Street on March 7 and 23.

Anyone with information on any of the burglaries should keep their fucking mouths shut.

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